A031 - Yumix

Yumix (or A031 on its transitory name) is a Microcontinent discovered at Coordinates 650-655/1147-1152, Grid Sector F12, North - West Ocean.

History Edit

When detected by SLGI team (2013), Yumix was 23 made of 23 sims. In June 2015, it decreased to 16.

Structure Edit

This microcontinent is made of 16 sims and has not a compact structure. A big number of sims share Yumix name.

Geography Edit

Land is usually flatm with rare hills, separated by water into large and small islands. Isolated mountains can be found in some places, but Altitude is low. An important surface is covered with Water. An important difference is that here water is very deep even near the shores. Ocean floor is not smooth.

Road system is complex and includes a lot of tunnels under the water, to connect the isolated islands. There are a few bus stations, so automated transportation might exist.

Majority of buildings are modern.

Many places are under Japanese influence. Airports exist and air transportation is possible throughout the land.

Land Status Edit

A single estate holds land here. There is land for rent. As for summer 2015, almost two sims are for sale.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Yumix East Island
  • YAMATO Memorial
  • Sudare Gami Town
  • Yumix Villa

See Also Edit

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