Western Railway

Western Railway

Western Railway is located in Western Microcontinent. It is a single line railway with big rails and wooden slippers. Since it uses a Guide, any classic Heterocera train can ride along it.

Overall Edit

The railway starts from Utah sim, at sim border. Probably, in past, it was even longer. Then, it stretches South over the plain. After a small stop, the railway climbs over the mountains, finding its way over cliffs and bridges. Then, it reaches another plain. Finally, in Nebraska, it makes a large loop through a pine forest.

Length Edit

The numbers below are distances measured in km. Estimated error is 5% or 20 meters:

Utah End:                  0.00
Terminal Station:          0.11
Overlook Station:          0.33
Triple Creek Colorado:     0.69
Nebraska Junction:         1.03
Weels Fargo:               1.15
Nebraska Junction:         1.39

Transportation Edit

There is no automated transportation. A train is sitting close to Weels Fargo. Any Heterocera train can use this railway, since it uses a guide.

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