West Sansara Sim Cluster

West Sansara Sim Cluster includes the sims that are placed in West of Sansara, close to Bay City. It also has the transitory name A162. Coordinates for them are 960-987/986-1003, that corresponds to Grid Sector I9, inside Little Pacific Ocean.

History Edit

A162 is one of the oldest sim clusters. Its history started with the construction of Sandbox Island, then with the construction of the first private-owned sims on the grid.

Structure Edit

This sim cluster is composed of a large central large compact area, with sims in contact at their corners. Majority of these sims share the name dAlliez in their names. This includes more then half of the sims.

To South - East, there is the sandbox (two sims, Sandbox Island and Sandbox Island Extension), that is Linden-owned and is always busy.

There are also other sims, that could be considered Unassociated Sims.

Geography Edit

Majority of these sims have access restrictions, so a clear image cannot be made. The sims that have public access show to have low altitude.

Land Status Edit

Since the vast majority of sims have restricted access, data is not clear. It looks like there is a single estate owning the dAlliez sims. The Sandbox Island is Linden-owned (mainland).

See Also Edit

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