Wank Microcontinent

A350 is the transitory name for Wank, a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 1098-1099/1069-1071, Grid Sector J11, Central Ocean.

History Edit

A350 was identified by SLGI team in August 2015. Gridsurvey is tracking at least some of the component sims back to 2008. Since it is so close to Nautilus, A350 have appeared many times on continental maps, but without being identified as a microcontinent.

Structure Edit

A350 is made of 4 sims, two of them sharing the common name Wank. A 5th sim is nearby, in contact with the microcontinent by its corner.

Geography Edit

Many surprising places are found inside this tiny microcontinent. In the center, Lake Wank is a large delta, with low terrain and slow-moving rivers. Many trees can be seen on the river banks. By contrast, Wank Island has some infrastructure (a central road) and mountains. There are Caves used by the road as tunnels, as well as waterfalls and paths. Cabaret Island is a place covered in darkness, where a dark fog makes orientation hard. In its center, there are ruins and crystals. By contrast, The Maya is a sunny Tropical Beach Paradise hosting a modern and luxurious building.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Lake Wank
  • Wank Island
  • Cabaret Island
  • The Maya

See Also Edit

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