I9 sector

Valley is a Sim Cluster and is one visible structure close to the large continents. It has the temporary name A040 given by SLGI team. Coordinates are 931-939/908-920, that places it into Grid Sector I9, inside Little Pacific Ocean. More exactly, Valley is placed 100 sims West to Jeogeot.

History Edit

It was the 40th grid structure discovered by SLGI team, in April 2013.

Shape Edit

It is made of 29 sims, all sharing the word valley in their name.

Valley is a compact sim cluster, a special type that is rare. Many sims are placed in mathematical disposition, so they are in contact at their corners. A few sims are connected. There are many infohubs throughout the sim clusters. Two microcontinents are located inside the sim cluster.

Geography Edit

The general landscape includes Water, but doesn't look like a tropical beach paradise. In fact, there are a lot of forests. Land is not flat. There are a lot of slopes, hills or mountains all around and also ocean floor is not smooth.

Skyboxes exist.

Land Status Edit

The sim cluster is opened to public. It looks like a single estate owns the land.

Maturity ratings vary and includes both moderate and adult.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Fox Valley
  • Cheetah Valley
  • Tiger Valley
  • Falcon Valley

See Also Edit

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