There have been created no new articles in the last days? Why this? Am I dead? Are the SLGI surveys off? What is going on there?

No. We are still working on our surveys. Everything is going on as it should be. However, many activities are going on far slower, because they request a lot of research. After completing the List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters and then the List Of Grid Sectors, together with List Of Continents, it is time to move on and work on the List Of Subcontinents.

There is a small problem. Some subcontinents were analyzed before SLGI was formed and there have been written a lot about them. However, other subcontinents are less studied (sometimes, we know almost nothing about them). As always, SLGI team is treating every subject the same. Articles must be impartial and listed in alphabetic or discovery order, rather then in size or importance.

We know in Sansara the most representative subcontinents: Bay City, Snowlands Subcontinent and Color Sims. But are they the only one? By far, no. There are subcontinents also in other continents, but less studied (or, I can say, never studied). Still, they have a lot to say, a lot to surprise and a lot to teach us.

Based on the definition of a Subcontinent, also the SL seas are listed so. For the first time, we will have high-detail maps of the seas.

For the moment, we are working on this. High-performance Geography surveys have to be done, including high-detail altitude surveys. Results will start to be shown in a few weeks. There is a lot of our virtual world that we still don't know and we never knew.

On the other hand, there is something else we are doing. The SLGI Fleet, our automated transportation system running through the East Continents, has been shut down. I did this because these vehicles needed to travel through some parcels of private-owned land. Previous owners have given permission to this. Now, that land has been sold to some land barons that are not happy letting other vehicles to go through their land. So, I decided to stop for a while. In the main time, we are searching for alternative routes, for a bypass that will still allow vehicles to pass between Corsica and Satori via Nautilus. I expect the problem will be solved in a few weeks. This requires a lot of money for purchasing land and some patience, in order to find that requested land, as well as a lot of Geographic research, to find possible passage routes.

SLGI team is working on all this.

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