Second Life Geography team, also known as group Geography Of Second Life is a resident-made organization. We are not affiliated to anyone. All our actions are made by our own. Our goal is to help people learn and find their ways inside the virtual world of Second Life.

As far, we created a large database on the Second Life wiki, that can be accessed here.

We also created an inworld place, known as Second Life Geography Institute or SLGI, in Achemon sim.

All was looking very good, but at some point, because of yet unknown reasons, the Second Life wiki was closed for editing. This was not done for us. Nobody could edit any article, except the administrators. That wiki is owned by Linden Lab, the owner of Second Life virtual world. They officially said that the wiki was closed for maintenance, but some people suggest that there was a griefer attack at the same time.

After 6 months, the wiki was again opened for public editing. There was, however, a major difference. People reported errors while uploading pictures and while logging in. Editing pictures was always a hard job. It was impossible to replace one, you just had to upload a new one.

Then, a close friend contacted me about Wikia web hosting facility. It looked like an amazing opportunity.

All our database will be transmitted from the Second life Wiki to the new SLGI wiki. And while this is done, articles will be updated. Many of them were never updated for over an year.

Please note: If you see only me (Ana Imfinity) creating articles and editing, don't be confused. This is team work. I am the major contributor, but not the only one. I was not the only one creating the database on Second Life wiki, even if I will be the only one editing here, at least for a while. Also, there are my friends who gave me basic information about places or even parts of existing articles. Some of them don't know English, so they rely on me to translate their work.

With this being said, I wish to everyone all the happiness in the Universe.

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