SLGI wiki is growing. That's for sure. But We passed 200 articles and the list is increasing.

But why all this?

In the old times, when Linden Lab was more friendly on its wiki, we kept all data updated. But after an year of absence, there is a lot work to do. Many things have changed.

We only started updating the longest part, List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters. Previous list included about 230 items, now we have passed over 280. So, again, many things have changed. Many of these tiny structures have died, other new ones are online and majority of existing structures have undergone massive changes.

And to make things more easy, each grid article will have a special chapter, sim examples. This way, anyone can easily find the place we are talking about.

How large will the wiki grow?

First, we have finished publishing about 40% of microcontinents and sim clusters. Then, we will update the continents. Many of them have vanished, but a few newer ones have appeared. Third step, we will update all other articles from the original SL wiki into here. In the end, there will be 500 articles.

Thank you, Wikia, for the help! In the name of all residents of Second Life interested of their own world's Geography, thank you!

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