The surveys are going on. After an year when SLGI team could only watch as our virtual world is changing, the former articles on SL wiki are outdated.

So much have changed in an year. In many places, sim clusters or microcontinents have added new sims. In others, they have lost a part. Parcels have changed, land has changed, even new continents have come to life, while older ones no longer exist.

So many things to write about.

And this is not all. At previous surveys, we did not give so much attention to every detail. This time, it's time to do something that was never done before. It is time to create a real Geographic encyclopedia for a virtual world. It is time to prove that our virtual world is worth of exploring.

Just take a look at the List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters. From 231, now the list has raised to 316! We have 86 new places on the map. Yes, on the other hand, some of the existing places have vanished and were still listed on the old wiki.

The project goes on, surveys are going on. And this is being done by only 3 persons from all SLGI team. Majority of the others don't know a thing about. Well, for a while. The new SLGI Wiki will be a big surprise for everybody. For the moment, the SLGI wiki is kept in silence and is growing without being known by many people.

It is just like a big surprise that can hardly be kept hidden.

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