Since the original Second Life Wiki was blocked, there was so hard editing Geographic articles. Even today, it is a hard job to work on it. In an year, so many things changed to our virtual world. Many map structures were created or vanished.

It is such a pleasure to see the SLGI Wiki growing slowly. All Geographic articles listed here, are analyzed, corrected and updated. So much work is to be done...

Currently, not many people know about the SLGI Wiki. Not even many from SLGI team. It will be a huge surprise for all, to have all our Geographic research here. Anyway, we are not many. just a few people. We are a small group.

I see by the number of viewed pages, that there are not many visitors yet, since nobody knows about the SLGI Wiki. And I don't want to tell the world until it's finished.

May you all be happy, whoever reads this!

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