Phase 1 completed!

The List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters is ready. From the original 231 microcontinents, sim clusters, sim groups and isolated sims, 179 were still online. Other new 135 were discovered. This means that now the list contains 314 items. We reached the grid structure with transitory name A367.

The List Of Continents is also ready. We now have 25 continents online. There are 2 new continents, while 3 have vanished. Since the beginning of SLGI team, we recorded 29 continents, 5 of them no longer exist today.

The new List Of Grid Sectors now contains 79 items, while a grid sector vanished. Hope that this new list will prove useful for someone.

Overall, our wiki has grown to an incredible 459 articles. I think this is the most surprising of all. 459 articles, well that is something.

With phase 1 completed, there still is a lot of work to do. But now, I think that a break is well deserved.

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