The last weeks, Geographic research activity was stopped for a reason. The SLGI Fleet had to be re-configured. And finally, after more then an year, all SLGI vehicles that are running on the East continents (Nautilus, Corsica and Satori) are functional again.

More then an year ago, we started the Nautilus Strait Project, in order to create a bypass that would allow automated vehicles to pass over this continent. Unfortunately, because of personal reasons, I had to stop. Some friends kept on going with the project, using my account, but in the end, they stopped too. Then, after more then an year, we were surprised that some land changed its permission and some people who first agreed with the project, sold their lands. The entire project came to a dead end.

We had to buy other land and build other routes. We moved from Hrosskell to Paperweight. As a result, all vehicles had to be changed. All routes had to be re-edited. And also, new spacecrafts had to be created. Just like the SLGI Trains, where we have 12 trains (6 towards Sansara and 6 towards Heterocera, there are also 12 spacecrafts running on East Continents (4 on each continent).

Sometimes, the routes are very long and a complete trip can take up to 10 hours. This was impossible with previous technology.

The entire project is a tribute to mankind's greatest aspirations: flying in the cosmos, to all spacecrafts ever launched into orbit and to all SL residents who live or travel on the East Continents.

Feel welcome everybody to ride these vehicles anytime!

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