Everyone who looks at the maps of Nautilus can easy see the presence of many unconnected features: unconnected roads, isolated waterways. This is very strange if we think that Nautilus actually is a bypass continent, connecting all nearby continents.

In order to make navigation possible for automated vehicles, SLGI team started the Nautilus Strait Project. We encountered many problems. Finally, it is operational again, after an year.

Also, the SLGI Fleet will be back operational and its service will follow a strict schedule. After an year, it is finally taking shape. Our automated vehicles will be running again, just like the SLGI Trains (who will undergo some important updates in the near future).

We did not abandon the Geographic research. The List Of Subcontinents will be updated and it will contain new articles, about places that are well known or completely unknown. Only that, for the moment, since Nautilus Strait Project is finally operational, all SLGI Fleet needs to be re-configured. Once those spaceships are on schedule, we will continue with other projects.

Best wishes to everybody.

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