For almost 5 months, I was unable to login. Not surprisingly, my account was put on hold, because I could no longer pay for my tier. Now, I can login, but I am still unable to use a credit card. So, the only money I have is what comes from my online shop. As a direct result, SLGI land holdings are now strictly limited.

This is because I live in a dangerous area, with many conflicts.

Our institute is gone. I know and I cannot do much about this. Probably it is gone forever. Now, I only have two parcels: one in Achemon (for Heterocera and Sansara) and one in Thorlaug (for East continents). I can support this without problems, it is still enough for keeping alive the SLGI Transportation Systems, but it will never be enough to keep an institute alive.

Much has been lost. Rebuilding the institute would probably never happen, but still there is something that we can do. At least, rebuild the SLGI Trains and the SLGI Fleet. This is what I am doing now. And since I am rebuilding them, it is time to use better scripts. Let's do everything better then what it was. Let's give our virtual world something as bright as it deserves.

The trains are back on route and I have their new schedules. They will be updated soon. About the spacecrafts, they will also be running again, but not so soon. And then, their schedules will be finally made public.

Give me time, everybody. This month, I will make it. Let us have a transportation system like we once had.

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