What is going on with SLGI wiki is by far beyond my wildest expectations.


For the moment, we are only editing the List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters and List Of Continents. I never imagined how far things are going now. In 2014, at our last edit (at that time, it was inside the SL Wiki), we listed 232 microcontinents. Some of them no longer exist, of course, but other new ones came to life.

We discovered so many new microcontinents! Just look at the section added in summer 2015 and you will see. From 232, we arrived at 346! And the survey is not finished yet. I estimate that, at the end of this survey, we will have nearly 400 grid structures listed (including about 40 vanished).

So, anyone can ask: From 232 microcontinents and sim clusters, we will have 400. Where do they come from? The answer is as follows:

Firstly, since Wikia is helping us with a free wiki, I want to make a masterpiece, something that has never been tried. So, almost all grid structures will be listed here. SLGI wiki will be a real Geographic encyclopedia of the virtual world of Second Life.

Secondly, the SL Wiki is under control from the Linden officials. This is their property. With other words, you cannot write anything on their wiki. I avoided creating extensive articles and uploading too many images on the SL Wiki, because of this. Wikia is far more different. There are over a million wikis hosted on Wikia, each one dedicated to something else. The owners of Wikia are encouraging their contributors to work. So, if you want me to work, I will give you my best.

What next?

What next? There is so much to do. Second Life is an incredible place and there can be written so much about this virtual world.

The list of continents is being only copied (with limited modifications) from the original SL Wiki. Each continent will have its own page. And each page will be modified. And things will not stop here. There are so many microcontinents, parts of the large, mainland continents. All of them deserve articles.

Things will not stop here. If you just look at Second Life Geography, you will see how many empty pages are there. All will need to be created.

Still, this is not over. How about the SLGI Transportation Systems? How about our inworld institute? There will be so much work to be done.

Second Life is an incredible virtual world, created by people like us. I think all residents who created something deserve respect and that our virtual world needs a Geographic encyclopedia.

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