Ana Imfinity

aka Ana Imfinity

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in Adygea, Northern Caucasus
  • I was born on May 1
  • My occupation is Railway worker
  • I am Female
  • Ana Imfinity

    For almost 5 months, I was unable to login. Not surprisingly, my account was put on hold, because I could no longer pay for my tier. Now, I can login, but I am still unable to use a credit card. So, the only money I have is what comes from my online shop. As a direct result, SLGI land holdings are now strictly limited.

    This is because I live in a dangerous area, with many conflicts.

    Our institute is gone. I know and I cannot do much about this. Probably it is gone forever. Now, I only have two parcels: one in Achemon (for Heterocera and Sansara) and one in Thorlaug (for East continents). I can support this without problems, it is still enough for keeping alive the SLGI Transportation Systems, but it will never be enough to keep an institute …

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  • Ana Imfinity

    The last weeks, Geographic research activity was stopped for a reason. The SLGI Fleet had to be re-configured. And finally, after more then an year, all SLGI vehicles that are running on the East continents (Nautilus, Corsica and Satori) are functional again.

    More then an year ago, we started the Nautilus Strait Project, in order to create a bypass that would allow automated vehicles to pass over this continent. Unfortunately, because of personal reasons, I had to stop. Some friends kept on going with the project, using my account, but in the end, they stopped too. Then, after more then an year, we were surprised that some land changed its permission and some people who first agreed with the project, sold their lands. The entire project cam…

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  • Ana Imfinity

    Everyone who looks at the maps of Nautilus can easy see the presence of many unconnected features: unconnected roads, isolated waterways. This is very strange if we think that Nautilus actually is a bypass continent, connecting all nearby continents.

    In order to make navigation possible for automated vehicles, SLGI team started the Nautilus Strait Project. We encountered many problems. Finally, it is operational again, after an year.

    Also, the SLGI Fleet will be back operational and its service will follow a strict schedule. After an year, it is finally taking shape. Our automated vehicles will be running again, just like the SLGI Trains (who will undergo some important updates in the near future).

    We did not abandon the Geographic research. …

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  • Ana Imfinity

    There have been created no new articles in the last days? Why this? Am I dead? Are the SLGI surveys off? What is going on there?

    No. We are still working on our surveys. Everything is going on as it should be. However, many activities are going on far slower, because they request a lot of research. After completing the List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters and then the List Of Grid Sectors, together with List Of Continents, it is time to move on and work on the List Of Subcontinents.

    There is a small problem. Some subcontinents were analyzed before SLGI was formed and there have been written a lot about them. However, other subcontinents are less studied (sometimes, we know almost nothing about them). As always, SLGI team is treating ever…

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  • Ana Imfinity

    Phase 1 completed!

    The List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters is ready. From the original 231 microcontinents, sim clusters, sim groups and isolated sims, 179 were still online. Other new 135 were discovered. This means that now the list contains 314 items. We reached the grid structure with transitory name A367.

    The List Of Continents is also ready. We now have 25 continents online. There are 2 new continents, while 3 have vanished. Since the beginning of SLGI team, we recorded 29 continents, 5 of them no longer exist today.

    The new List Of Grid Sectors now contains 79 items, while a grid sector vanished. Hope that this new list will prove useful for someone.

    Overall, our wiki has grown to an incredible 459 articles. I think this is the mos…

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