University Sim Cluster

A006 or University is an unofficial name of a Sim Cluster located inside Coordinates 1147-1153/1294-1302, Grid Sector K12 and Grid Sector K13, Eastern Ocean.

History Edit

As the transitory name suggests, this was the 6th grid structure identified by SLGI team in spring 2013.

Structure & Geography Edit

The sim cluster is made of 23 sims placed at random. Only two sims are connected, the others are at a significant distance.

In most cases, land is flat or with small hills. Water is present and surrounds a central island. A central building (university) can be found.

Land Status Edit

This is a place where teen estates own land, majority of them owning a single sim. Access is restricted on majority of these sims.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Virtual Training Partners
  • Teacher Innovator

See Also Edit

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