UWE Microcontinent

A345 is the transitional name for UWE, a Microcontinent identified at Coordinates 1089-1090/1170-1172, Grid Sector J11, Little Northern Ocean.

History Edit

A345 is a small microcontinent. Its presence is dated to 2008 by Gridsurvey. However, due to its very small size, detecting is hard.

Structure Edit

A345 is made of 4 sims and has a diffuse shape.

Geography Edit

Land is covered by hills. There is water too, surrounding land and separated by high coastlines.

There are many buildings, all created for learning.

This is a teen estate (most probably, an university).

Sim Examples Edit

  • Weston College
  • UWE North Island
  • Elearning at UWE
  • Innovation at UWE

See Also Edit

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