Thassa Microcontinent

A254 or Thassa is a Microcontinent found at Coordinates 646-648/1082-1084, Grid Sector F10, Far West Ocean.

Visitors will have a major problem here. The language used is sort of German-related.

History Edit

Data from [ Gridsurvey] shows that this microcontinent is old and was created in 2008. SLGI team identified it only in June 2015 and gave it the transitory name A254.

Structure Edit

It is made of 5 sims. 4 of them don't allow people to see details on the map.

Geography Edit

It is a very interesting place, with a lot of water, historical sites and many landscapes. Even a cave exists there.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Thassainsel
  • Thassaland
  • Talunaland
  • Vier Palmen

See Also Edit

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