This is a Microcontinent, placed at Coordinates 1102-1105/1244-1246, Grid Sector K12, Eastern Ocean. It has the temporary name A008.

History Edit

The transitory name A008 means that TAMHSC was the 8th grid structure discovered by SLGI team. At that time, it was made of 10 sims.

Structure Edit

The microcontinent is made of 8 sims.

Geography Edit

Overall, land is almost flat, with a few rivers. There are many institutional buildings, surrounded by large parks.

Land Status Edit

Name comes from Texas A&M Health Science Center. Almost all sims share this common name. So, this is an estate owned by an institustion. It doesn't look like a young people estate. Maturity rating is set to moderate. Places are named like College of Nursing, School of Biomedical Sicences or School Of Rural Public Health.

Sim Examples Edit

  • TAMHSC Care
  • AgriCulture
  • Chemistry World
  • 12th Man

See Also Edit

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