Shopping sim Cluster

A356 is the transitory name for Shopping Sim Cluster, a Sim Cluster located at Coordinates 1086-1100/942-985, Grid Sector J9, Central Ocean, close to Shopping Continent.

History Edit

A356 is an old grid structure. Its component sims were created in 2008 and 2009. Only in 2015, when sim density decreased in West, the sim cluster became visible and SLGI team gave it a transitory name.

Structure Edit

A356 is made of 50 sims, placed at random or with mathematical disposition. Some sims are close to Shopping Continent (where is a higher sim density), while others are placed far to South. The borders of this sim cluster are less visible.

Geography Edit

Land is usually flat. No mountains have been detected during our survey. In many places, land is divided into many parcels by using water channels. In majority of sims, land is flat and has water access.

There is a significant difference between the sims in North and the ones in South. In South, many places resemble a Tropical Beach Paradise, while in North, this is more rare.

Land Status Edit

Half is Land With Restricted Access (and also residential land).

A very interesting fact is that the sims near Shopping Continent have short, themed names, just like the sims on the continent. They are owned by different estates, but their short names suggest that once they were part of the continent or at least owned by the same estate.

There are many estates in the area.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Eyes
  • House
  • Plants
  • Seawind Cove

See Also Edit

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