Sharp Sim Cluster

A193 is the transitory name of Sharp Sim Cluster, a Sim Cluster located at Coordinates 1148-1166/965-1006 - Grid Sector K9 and Grid Sector K10, Eastern Ocean, former Sharp Sea.

History Edit

When the old Teen Grid existed, separated from the main grid, it consisted of a small, central continent (Sharp Continent or TSL - Teen Second Life). Around that continent, a few estates created their own land (microcontinents and sim clusters).

When the teen grid merged with the main grid, teen estates, founded by various universities, created their own destinations for teens. At the same time, teens that once resided on the teen grid, grew up and moved to other parts of the grid. As a direct result, population density shrunk. In 2013, only one third of the former teen estate sims were still online, grouped in 3 grid structures: A193 Sharp South Sim Cluster, A194 Seminole Island and A195 North Sim Group.

In 2015, A195 vanished and A193 lost many sims, while A194 lost a sim. In these conditions, SLGI team decided to merge all 3 grid structures into a larger one.

Structure Edit

As for August 2015, Sharp Sim Cluster is made of:

Total = 33 sims.

Geography Edit

Many of these places don't allow visitors to enter. Where access s granted and a survey was possible, mountains, plains, hills and plateaus were identified.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Virtual Staten Island
  • Seminole Island 7
  • NNPS2
  • Tutorial Island

See Also Edit

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