Shamrock Microcontinent

A210 (or ShamRock) is a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 561-563/1048-1050, Grid Sector E10, Far West Ocean. It is formed of 8 sims and has a compact shape. The name comes from the fact that almost all sims are named ShamRock.

History Edit

First included in Elven Sims, A210 was listed by SLGI team as an independent microcontinent.

Structure Edit

When zoomed, ShamRock is a distinct map feature, because of its square shape and the presence of a green flower drawn on the map.

Geography Edit

Land is usually divided into big parcels (or sometimes undivided), with water channels. There are lakes and small hills (not mountains). It looks like every sim has water access. There are a few biuldings, mainly residential ones. Central sim, ShamRock Ocean, is covered by water.

There are many greeter devices on land.

Land Status Edit

Land is owned by a single estate. No access restrictions were detected during our survey, but scripts are restricted.

Sim Examples Edit

  • ShamRock Arausio
  • ShamRock Celtica
  • ShamRock Island
  • ShamRock Seclusio

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