Serenity Microcontinent

A256 is the transitory name for Serenity, a Microcontinent found at Coordinates 642-644/1018-1020, Grid Sector F10, inside Far West Ocean.

History Edit

This microcontinent is located inside A107 Sim Cluster and for a long time SLGI team decided not to list it as an independent structure, but as a microcontinent inside the sim cluster. In June 2015, it received its own transitory name.

Structure Edit

It is made of 6 sims that don't form a very compact structure.

Geography Edit

Largest part of the area looks like a giant park. Vegetation is present and there are many trees, together with tall and small grass. There also are a few rivers. Altitude is usually low and land is almost flat. Fences protect some parcels, but still no access restrictions were detected.

A wide network of paths and alleys give an easy access to all sims.

Land Status Edit

One of the component sims is Bonaire 20. Among the Vanished Grid Structures, there was the Irish - Bonaire continent. Some of the remaining Bonaire sims moved away throughout the grid. There is a link between the estate that owned the Bonaire part of the old continent and the estate that currently owns this microcontinent.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Serenity Valley West
  • Bonaire20
  • Serenity Estate
  • Serenity Valley Gardens

See Also Edit

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