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The Second Life Geography Institute is an organization and a construction, existing in Second Life environment. Its location is Achemon sim, Heterocera continent. It is created by SLGI team.

Organization Edit

The SLGI team is a group made by a few residents, not affiliated to Linden Lab, to any land barons and not sponsored by anyone. We are opened to suggestions and try our best to make our virtual world a better place. We will keep our independent status by any cost.

History & Status Edit

In past, we tried to create an inworld institute, to show Geographic articles and help any new resident to find its way through SL multiverse. The project was financed in part by Andreu Donat who helped us earning land on his tier and Ana Imfinity who also owned land and built majority of structures.

Unfortunately, in January 2016, after the unrest in Ukraine and Northern Caucasus, Ana Imfinity had no internet connection for a few months. Unable to manage her account, she could not pay land tier and got her account on hold, all land was abandoned and her objects auto-returned. Even today, as she has again a functional connection, she cannot use any credit card. So, she is unable to pay for any land holdings by any way then with inworld money earned from her shop. As a result, today she owns only a limited land surface, enough to be paid from her shop. She no longer plans to rebuild the institute, as it would require a lot more land and costs that cannot be supported inworld.

This problem also made the SLGI Trains and SLGI Fleet to stop working, since vehicle start stations were abandoned. Current SLGI land holdings are designed to keep these scheduled vehicles running and to offer a small home for homeless avatars.

Historical SLGI Land Edit

Land hosted in Achemon sim:

  • House Of Freedom - home of homeless avatars, considered by many as the heart of SLGI team
  • Land Of Freedom - Land Reserve, created as a reserve of land and prims for future projects
  • SL Geographic Institute - Institute Building, located inside Achemon sim, it includes the largest amount of land owned by SLGI team
  • World Explorer Railways Center - Regular Railroads, historical structure that was at the foundation of SLGI

Buildings in Achemon sim:

  • Achemon Railway - SLGI Railway
  • House Of Freedom - created as a home for homeless avatars
  • Memorial Station - up in a skybox
  • SL Geographic Institute - the Geographic building

Land in other places:

  • Freedom Waterway - Nautilus, Paperwaight (238,240,101), used as a base for SLGI Fleet, while basement is used for Nautilus Embassy
  • SLGI Embassy - Corsica: Black Lion (207,181)
  • SLGI Embassy - Gaeta 1: Elten (12,196)
  • SLGI Embassy - Gaeta 5: Stepan (250,70)
  • SLGI Embassy - Jeogeot: Brolga (54,14) (239,155)
    • Former embassy - Monowai (248,144)
  • SLGI Embassy - Sansara: Shepherd (61,195)
  • SLGI Embassy - Sharp Continent: Appalachia (8,206)
  • SLGI Embassy - Zindra: Quadark (248,144)
  • SLGI Embassy - Premium Continents: Sybaris (139,153)
  • SLGI Embassy - Satori: Davros (118,212)
  • SLGI Embassy - Nautilus: Paperweight (238,240,21)

Remnants from Nautilus Strait Project:

  • SLGI Bypass Land 1 - Nautilus Paperweight (240,16)
  • SLGI Bypass Land 2 - Nautilus Borland Fell (22,249)

Older land holdings (abandoned)

  • Nautilus Strait Project: Hrosskell (181,20)
  • Premium House Of Freedom (Alven 99,86)

Current Land Holdings Edit

  • House Of Freedom - Achemon (home of homeless avatars, also the headquarters of SLGI Trains
  • House Of Freedom 2 - Thorlaug (Nautilus - Atlantropa), also headquarters of SLGI Fleet

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