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This page is made to offer links to all Geography-themed pages from Second Life Wiki. All listings are in alphabetic order, to avoid any discrimination.

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List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters - over 300 articles listed there.

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Gridsurvey - an important source of information, NOT affiliated with Linden Lab or with Geography Of Second Life group

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You need Google Chrome for this. The information is shared on Mega, the succesor of Megaupload. Note that these maps are created by Ana Imfinity. You might use them for you own, but don't post them anywhere without her permission.

Maps of continents (sim-to-sim accuracy) [1]

Railway maps (and not only) [2]

Grid sectors & oceans [3]

Waterways: [4]

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Second Life Geography Institute is located in Achemon sim, Heterocera. This is a place where all Geographic-themed articles can be accessed. From here, nearby places can be visited with the SLGI Trains.

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Articles marked with ! are made by SLGI team. Articles marked with @ are found on the wiki, while articles marked with # are from the wiki, with some information added by the group.

Help is needed to create new articles and improve existing ones. Please check How to create Geographic articles! to learn how easy is to create your own articles.