Ryder (or A076) is a Sim Group found at Coordinates 908-912/1001-1006, Grid Sector I10, Little Pacific Ocean. It is South to Caledon - Winterfel.

History Edit

Ryder was first listed as a Microcontinent, when identified by SLGI team in April 2013. At that time, it was made of 8 sims, 6 of them sharing the word Ryder in their name and the other ones were named Makanzi and Karibu. The term 'microcontinent' was a bit forced here, since there was a break in sim orders (a missing sim that blocks access). Also, Geographic features were not common. There were too sharp transitions between sims.

Arcadia Asylum was a legendary place in Makanzi sim, where people had access to a lot of freebies created by someone who dedicated her life so others will be more happy.

Structure Edit

In July 2015, Ryder was made of 6 sims, one at high distance and the other connected in such a way that none could resemble a microcontinent (at least 3 sims connected in such a way that an avatar can walk through all sims).

Geography Edit

It is very complex. It has a snowland (Ryder Arctic), large parks (Ryder Park), a park with an asylum (Ryder Asylum), Water (Ryder Lake), beach (Ryder Beach) and not only. There are sharp ground and texture transitions at sim borders.

Land is divided in many small parcels.

Skyboxes exist.

Land Status Edit

The Ryder sims belong to the same estate.

There is land available for sale. No Land With Restricted Access was detected.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Ryder Asylum
  • Ryder Lake
  • Ryder Beach
  • Makazi

See Also Edit

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