Romanum in 2015

A013 is the transitory name for Romanum, a Microcontinent discovered at Coordinates 747-750/1079-1052, Grid Sector G10, Western Ocean.

History Edit

The code name A013 means that Romanum was the 13th grid structure discovered by SLGI team in early 2013. At first, it was located in Grid Sector E7, at coordinates 506-509/707-710, close to the South - West corner of the grid. It had only 6 sims.

The microcontinent moved to its current place somewhere in late 2014. Also, it increased its size.

Structure Edit

It is made of 9 sims, but it doesn't have a compact shape. It is a combat microcontinent (and also a roleplay one). So, if you come, prepare for war.

Geography Edit

Romanum is a flat plain, full with buildings. All land is built with structures from the Roman Empire. Walking through them is a real adventure.

The microcontinent also has water for sail, enough for low-scale ship battles. also, it has rivers and a complex network of roads.

Land Status Edit

Access is allowed for public. Rating is adult. Flying is not allowed and since it is a combat place, you can see a sign for your health.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Romanum IX Satyride
  • Romanum III
  • Romanum V
  • Romanum VI

See Also Edit

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