Rollo Passage

Rollo is a passage offered by an estate, to allow vehicles to pass through Nautilus continent. It connects Linden Pathway with Sunrise Transcontinental Passage.

Importance Edit

The passage is large, allowing even a transatlantic to pass. Also, it is an air route for airplanes. Its importance is vital. Before construction of the Seychelles Transcontinental channel, it was the only way for boats and airplanes to travel from Corsica to Satori and back. Currently, it is a shorter alternative route.

The Passage Edit


A view from Rollo

The passage is built along the North side of Rollo sim. To North, it is bordered by a stone wall with vegetation. To South, there is a huge dock. Water is deep enough for any type of ship.

The passage is not only used by humans, but also for marine wild life. Dolphins and fish can be found on the way.

Transportation Edit

For airplanes, it is good to use a lower altitude, because the estate uses skyboxes. For ships, there is no problem.

Also, automated vehicles like the Yava Script Pods or SLGI Fleet can sometimes use this alternative route when other routes are dangerous.

Rollo passage is an important part of Nautilus Strait Project.

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