Remote south East Sea

Remote South East Sea is also known with its transitory name, A208. It is a Sim Cluster located in Grid Sector L6 and Grid Sector L7, at Coordinates 1261-1281/691-729, Eastern Ocean.

History Edit

This sea might be considered the Phoenix of the grid, since it was present on the August 2013 survey, but it could not be located at the November survey. In January 2014, it is back in its previous position and with a similar shape. At that time, it was made of 108 sims.

Structure Edit

Remote South East Sea is made of 102 sims. Part of it shows some mathematic disposition, but that is not a rule. Some parts of the sim cluster are not placed in order. About half of these sims are reported as not valid teleport destniations (not access restrictions). So, its real size is unknown.

Geography Edit

This sim cluster has little or now mountains. The largest surface appears to be flat, partially flooden. There is plenty of residential land, but there are also other things: forests, clubs and even an airport.

Land Status Edit

Land ownership is not clearly known, since half of the sims look offline, but it is supposed that it belongs to a single land corporation. Land With Restricted Access, if exists, is rare.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Twist
  • Aurora Neptune
  • Daffodil
  • Vampire Weekend

See Also Edit

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