Real Microcontinent

A222 (or Real) is a Microcontinent identified at Coordinates 1058-1060/1092-1092, Grid Sector J10, Central Ocean.

History Edit

Real was identified by SLGI team in spring 2014.

Structure Edit

It is very small (only 3 sims), but highly visible because of its strong red color on the map.

Geography Edit

This microcontinent is in fact the largest and most unconventional shop. It looks like a beautifull garden or like a huge tropical beach paradise, but in fact it is a shop, with products for sale, including scripted trees that move when affected by wind. It includes stones, water textures, garden items, ancient walls and not only. For shopping, it is a good destination, but for a Geograph, the multitude of places is also an attraction. Most interesting are its scripted rivers.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Mountains of Creta
  • Real Trees Rocks
  • My Paradise

See Also Edit

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