Rainbow Microcontinent

A213 (or Rainbow) is a Microcontinent discovered at Coordinates 788-791/1127-1131 Grid Sector G11, Western Ocean.

History Edit

In 2014, it was formed of 8 sims.

Structure Edit

It is formed of 7 sims, with an 8th one linked at one corner. The name comes from the fact that a few sims in South share the common name Rainbow.

The microcontinent is made of 9 sims and has not a compact shape. The sims in South are owned by the same estate and are opened for visitors.

Geography Edit

Geography is based of low plateaus, plains, ocean islands and rivers. There is a highly developed network of roads that allow access to every place. Access is also possible on water. For a nature lover, this microcontinent is a good place to admire some great landscapes.

The sims in North are Land With Restricted Access. Even on map, ground details are not always visible.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Happy Dreams Water
  • Rainbow Dream 2
  • Rainbow Dream 3
  • Perseus

See Also Edit

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