ROMA or A159 is a Microcontinent. Its Coordinates are 970-972/907-909, Grid Sector H9, Little Pacific Ocean. It is West to Jeogeot.

History Edit

SLGI team discovered this microcontinent in autumn 2013. At that time, it was made of 7 sims.

Structure Edit

This is a small microcontinent, formed of 5 sims and also very compact.

Geography Edit

This microcontinent is a chalange for a Geograph. It has a lot of natural features.

It has a central sea, Roma Maritima. From there, rivers can allow ships to go deeper into land. There are small plateaus, hills and mountains, all covered with forests. Every hill is worked up to high details that are rare on other parts. Highly developed is the road system (roman paved roads) and also the apeducts are a great technology achievement. Talking about buildings, city walls are so impressive that they envy all barbarian tribes.

If you think about a trip in the woods, soon you will notice that every tree is different and that in many trees there are observation posts, You won't get pass the guards easy. The mountains are highly unaccessible, but you will find a path. Think about the slaves that built it, so you can climb high to 100 meters, where you can find in a cave the shirne of a Roman god. This altitude is very rare on private land. On the road, you might find wild animals.

If you think about visiting the city, there are so many surprises. Every building is worked with higi accuracy and is like in the old glorious days of the empire. Think about a gladiator fight in the arena! Or, think about the statues and the coluns that can be seen here. And the water fountain... the luxury of the mighty caesar and the bravery of his generals.

Land Status Edit

This is a place where no Land With Restricted Access was detected. Also, all land is Protected Land or Inhabited Land. No Unused Land can be found here. Flying is not allowed.

Sim Examples Edit

  • ROMA Insula
  • ROMA
  • ROMA Vinovium
  • ROMA Transtiberim

See Also Edit

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