Prosperity (or A173) is a small Microcontinent placed at Coordinates 902-905/1348-1349, Grid Sector I13, Northern Ocean.

History Edit

In spring 2014, it was made of 8 sims. At that time, a large surface was Unused Land. By contrast, in 2015, almost all land was inhabited.

Structure Edit

A173 is made of 10 sims (two rows of 5 sims).

Geography Edit

The entire microcontinenet is a plain, with rare slopes.There are a few deep rivers.

A high number of buildings can be seen here, they are an important objective for visitors. They include: ancient Egypt palaces and temples, ancient Greek and Roman constructions, even Colosseum and many other giant constructions.

There is an extensive network of roads and paths, used both to separate land and to allow an easy access.

Land Status Edit

There are no accesibility restrictions. More even, large surfaces of land can be considered sandboxes, since people are alllowed to rezz. This applies to parcels of Unused Land.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Prosperity Far West
  • Prosperity Wharftown
  • Prosperity Ashram
  • Prosperity Annex South

See Also Edit

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