Pleasant Microcontinent

Pleasant is a Microcontinent placed at Coordinates 650-655/1147-1151, in Grid Sector F11, Far West Ocean. It is South-West to Eden Continent. Its temporary name is A108.

History Edit

When first viewed, in late 2013, this microcontinent was made of 14 sims, with an ice-covered peninsula stretching to North. It had a form close to a triangle. In June 2015, the North peninsula has vanished and the microcontinent has reduced to 11 sims.

Structure Edit

It is made of 11 sims and has an irregular form.

The microcontinent is family themed. There are places dedicated to family roleplay and family residential.

Geography Edit

Altitude is usually low. Almost all land is smooth, but there still are hills.

The first thing someone will notice while visiting this microcontinent is the incredible highly-develooped infrastructure. There is a short highway, the second in Second Life after Estate Continent. Roads are found almost everywhere and split parcels. There are passages over roads or under them, one-way roads and light signals.

To South, there are a few sims covered by water, where sailing on a limited scale is possible.

Ground textures vary. The Eastern part is an urban land with a special land texture, while the center of this microcontinent is more a rural community, with roads crossing and dividing land in square parcels.

Land Status Edit

There are two estates in the area. Land With Restricted Access exists, but with such a developed road netwrok (Protected Land), there is no problem for anyone to visit every sim.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Pleasant Springs
  • Bearpaw Meadow
  • Pleasant Point
  • Pleasant Shore

See Also Edit

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