Pirates Destiny

A325 is the transitory name of Pirates Destiny, a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 964-965/1018-1020, Grid Sector I10, Little Pacific Ocean.

History Edit

In 2014, SLGI team failed to detect this microcontinent. Its discovery is dated to July 2015.

Structure Edit

A325 is made of 9 sims and has a compact shape (square).

Geography Edit

A325 is surrounded by water, but is not a Tropical Beach Paradise. In center, there is a pirate town, on the largest island. There are many islands on nearby sims, with docks and many surprises.

Land Status Edit

Land is owned by a single estate. There are no access restrictions. Flying is not allowed.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Nassau Stronghold
  • Isla deLa Madre
  • Ilha Sangrenta
  • Antigua Isle

See Also Edit

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