Phoenix Sim Cluster

Phoenix or A168 is a Sim Cluster found North West of Heterocera, at Coordinates 929-949/1060-1080, Grid Sector I10, Little Northern Ocean.

History Edit

Phoenix was identified by SLGI team in early 2014, but it is far older. At that time, only 25 sims were included in the sim cluster.

Structure Edit

It is formed of a central 25 sims, all of them sharing the word Phoenix. Near them, there are at least 15 sims (resulting a total of 40 sims) with other names.

Geography Edit

Phoenix is a mixture of all types of land, including residential, shopping, wilderness, castles, glass buildings, also for adult staff in the form of a combat sim. Land is usually flat, terraforming is rare, maximum Altitude is below 60 meters. People should beware that people here don't accept visitors on their land. One sim that might worth a visit is Wildwoods. All land is owned by a single estate.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Phoenix Mystified
  • Phoenix Enlightened
  • Sensation Isle
  • Isle of Return

See Also Edit

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