Old Berlin Microcontinent

A330 is the transitory name for Old Berlin, a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 1007-1009/1349-1351, Grid Sector J13, Northern Microcontinent.

History Edit

SLGI team noted the existence of Berlin 1920 sim in 2013. At that time, there was a project to list historical sites around Second Life. Because the group was formed in 2013 and it consists mainly of new members, there was nobody to add significant historical data, so the project was stopped.

In August 2015, SLGI team added Berlin 1920, together with all nearby sims, into a microcontinent.

Structure Edit

A330 is made of 5 sims.

Geography Edit

Land is flat. The largest part is covered by a large City. Everything is constructed to recreate the atmosphere that once existed in old Berlin and other German towns. Access is easy to entire continent.

Land Status Edit

Land is opened to anybody. However, it is important that you dress adequate when you make the visit.

Sim Examples Edit

  • 1920s Berlin
  • Zeltenallee
  • Old Time Prims
  • Tiergarten

See Also Edit

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