Ocean Pointe

A269 is the transitory name of Ocean Pointe, a Microcontinent identified by SLGI team at Coordinates 708-712/1335-1338, Grid Sector G13, Northern Ocean.

History Edit

The origins of this microcontinent are unknown.

Structure Edit

It is made of 19 sims and has a slightly compact shape. It is a residential place.

Geography Edit

The microcontinent is almost all flat. No spectacular Geographic features can be seen here. What is attracting people here, are the buildings. There are a lot of huge homes, with a lot of interior space and with much free land in front of them. Also, some buildings are surrounded by trees.

A network of roads allow visitors to pass through.

Land Status Edit

Land is managed by a single estate company, who, most probably, has built all buildings.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Devils Crossroads
  • Intoxication
  • FamOuZZ Iseland
  • Mya

See Also Edit

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