North Megacluster

The North Megacluster is a very large Sim Cluster. Its Coordinates are 965-1047/1199-1272. It does not fit into a single Sim Group, instead it can be seen in Grid Sector I12, Grid Sector J11 and Grid Sector J12. Also, it is the only structure that cannot fit into a single ocean, its sims are both in Little Northern Ocean and Northern Ocean. Not only that is very large, but it is close the most known continents. Heterocera is 100 sim to South.

History Edit

SLGI team scanned the map for the first time in April 2013, in search for visible grid structures. Because of an error, A057 was confused with A175 Sim Cluster. A later survey confirmed that they were different.

As for July 2015, the Southern part of the sim cluster could be separated into a distinct grid structure. Even if it lost part of its surface, Northern Megacluster remains the most heavy grid structure.

Structure Edit

Sims are placed in some areas in mathematical distribution, to form squares, but not in all areas. There is a gap in the center of the sim cluster. It is made of 1200 sims, more then any Continent. Its surface is comparable to all East mainland continents together.

Geography Edit

It is almost impossible to visit 1200 sims.

This is more a residential sim cluster. Here, land has diverse features. The classic Tropical Beach Paradise is often found. A traveler will find endless landscapes and endless surprises. On such a large surface, anything can be hidden.

Land Status Edit

There is one large estate corporation in the area. Other smaller companies might exist. Land is made usually for residential use. In many places, an entire sim is available, in others, only a parcel. The land corporation responds very fast if anyone reaches a parcel for sale.

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