Niverna (or A180 on its transitory name) is a Microcontinent. It is located at Coordinates 1096-1097/1059-1063, inside Grid Sector J10, in Central Ocean.

History Edit

A180 is located close to the coasts of Nautilus and Satori, so it is possible that it received some attention since its formation. SLGI team noticed about its existence in autumn 2013 (at that time, it was made of 6 sims). Previously, other Geographs have drawn this microcontinent on their maps of Nautilus or Satori, but without giving attention to it.

Structure Edit

It is a amall microcontinent, made of 7 sims. On map, it has a white color.

Geography Edit

All sims are made to look like a Tropical Beach Paradise, with sand islands, a lot of water and tropical vegetation.

all sims are rated Adult and there are Lesbian themed parcels. Also, Land With Restricted Access exists, but that is not a problem since water allows access to every island.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Winward Islands
  • Niverna Dow Under
  • Niverna Resort
  • Niverna

See Also Edit

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