New York Microcontinent

New York is a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 959-963/1161-1166, inside Grid Sector I11, Little Northern Ocean. Its temporary name is A060.

History Edit

New York Microcontinent was identified by SLGI team in April 2013. At that time, it was made of 20 sims, the same as in July 2015. Since the beginning, it was studied with a lot of interest because of its own railway.

Strcture Edit

It is made of 20 sims. This is not enough for A60 to be considered a Continent, even if its Geographic features are highly developed. All sims are themed of the old steampunk technology that once existed in New York.

Geography Edit

This microcontinent is a real masterpiece of Geography. It has all what is needed for a real country to have. There are high mountains in North, permanently covered with snow (snowlands) and a maximum Altitude of 77 meters. From these high mountains, rivers flow all over the land. These are rivers, navigable with small boats, not sea water. The central part of land is made of low hills, passed by many rivers. It also includes plains in urban areas.

Buildings are all old-style.

A large transportation system is present. There are a lot of roads. Only a few of them are covered with asphalt, the vast majority are paved roads or country roads. New York Railway is the best way to visit the microcontinent. Automated trains circle along the railway from time to time. And not only trains. There are trams in urban places. Sailing is possible with small boats.

Land Status Edit

This is a very friendly place. There are no ban lines, no entity orbs, no restrictions for visitors. More often, visitors receive welcome messages. Residents are friendly. Protected Land covers a large surface. Unfortunately, there is Unused Land that covers many parcels.

Sim Examples Edit

  • SouthernTier New York
  • LISound New York
  • NorthCountry New York
  • HealthLink New York

See Also Edit

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