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Overall Edit

Netherworld is a vampire system. It operates similar with Bloodlines Vampire System, only that it is cheaper. The system is based on a HUD.

There are 3 species: vampires, lycans and demons. The player starts by getting registered, wearing a HUD. Then, it must be drained of blood by being bitten by others. Once this happens, the player needs to bite others. When you first bite someone, you get its soul when that person joins Netherworld.

There are many ratings along the game.

Spam effect Edit

Because this game comes with earning souls, it results in many problems, similar with Bloodlines Vampire System (soul controversial). Also, since victims are sometimes overstressed with bite requests, this will result in spam. This is the main reason while residents wearing garlic necklace are still being bitten. Garlic is protecting them from Bloodlines Vampire System, but not from Netherworld.

Demography Edit

Netherworld players are found throughout the grid. Their numbers seem to be about 1% of those registered in Bloodlines.

Just like within Bloodlines, there are two different kinds of players: registered (active, wearing the HUD) and partially registered (those who have been bitten).

Since Netherworld players are more rare, a complete research could not be completed. But, based on actual data, there should be around 2% (1000) of all online residents.

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