Nus (or A041) is a Microcontinent found at Coordinates 1000-1002/909-912, Grid Sector J9, Little Pacific Ocean, Estate Sea, West to Jeogeot.

History Edit

Nus is the larges microcontinent West to Jeogeot. It appeared on some maps of Jeogeot. However, it was never listed as a distinct microcontinent until when SLGI team identified it in April 2013.

Structure & Geography Edit

It is made of 12 sims. This place is owned by an university (a teen estate).

Unfortunately, access is forbidden, so there is no way to know much about its Geographic features.

Land Status Edit

Access to public is forbidden.

Sim Examples Edit

  • NUS UTown West
  • NUS UTown South
  • NUS Faculty 1
  • NUS East

See Also Edit

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