Mystical Microcontinent

A348 is the transitory name for Mystical, a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 1095-1096/1092-1093, Grid Sector J10, Little Northern Ocean.

History Edit

Data from Gridsurvey shows that not all sims were created at the same time. so, the age of this microcontinent cannot be determined. SLGI team discovered it in August 2015.

Structure Edit

A348 is made of 4 sims and has a compact shape.

Geography Edit

Because a large surface does not allow visitors to enter, Geographic data is limited. Land appears to be flat, a few rivers and lakes. It looks like land here is residential, with many gardens and a lot of vegetation.

Land Status Edit

Land is divided into rectangular parcels. Many of them have access restrictions.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Mystical Ocean
  • Mystical Oasis
  • Sky
  • Mystical Fantasy

See Also Edit

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