MultiScene Sim Cluster

A233 is the transitory name for MultiScene Sim Cluster a grid structure located at Coordinates 521-535/1320-1326, Grid Sector E13, North - West Ocean.

History Edit

This sim cluster has a dim blue color, similar to the intersim void, making it hard to be detected. This is why, even if it existed for a long time, it was not mapped until May 30th 2015.

Structure Edit

The sim cluster is made of 13 sims with mathematic (linear) distribution. Except for one, they are all aligned, forming a square.

All 13 sims are ranked Adult and offer skyboxes for rent. All share the same Geography: a flat green plain, flooded by water. The action actually takes place above water surface, in a big number of skyboxes.

Population Edit

MultiScene has by far a great number of inhabitants, then all nearby sims. Residents are found at various altitudes, in their platforms.

Land Status Edit

Land is divided in many parcels. Flying and building is not allowed (except for established residents). No ban lines exist. Entity orbs, if they exist, are rare.

Sim Examples Edit

All 13 sims share MultiScene Rentals in their names.

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