Mkalvania Microcontinent

A342 is the transitory name for Mkalvania, a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 1034-1034/1170-1173, Grid Sector J11, Little Northern Ocean.

History Edit

Data from Gridsurvey shows that sims composing A342 were created between 2008 and 2010. SLGI team added A342 to the list in August 2015.

Structure Edit

A342 is made of 4 sims placed in a row.

Geography Edit

Akalvania is an interesting and amazing place. It has small coastal plains and a few plateaus, but also a great mountain range. Altitude measurements showed mountains reaching a few meters over 100. There are buildings usually in the coastal plains, but not only. Buildings can be found on the mountains. Vegetation is also present.

In the description it is specified that Mkalvania is a feudal community. However, one of the Small Railways can be found in (Mkalvania Railway) can be found in Mkalvania sim. There also are roads and rivers. On rivers there are boats, while at ocean shore, ancient ships are anchored.

Other wonders of Mkalvania include the presence of Caves & Mines. Water has not the same altitude throughout the continent. For example, sim Mkalvania Forest has its rivers at 70 meters high.

Land Status Edit

Land rating is Moderate. Visitors are always welcome, as long as they have decency. Because there are many residential buildings, visitors are asked to allow privacy. A closed door is closed for a reason.

The Mkalvanian society is based on a master - slave system. Masters have a special status, while slaves are protected by their masters. There is also a local government.

Sim Examples Edit

  • HORN
  • Mkalvania Savanna
  • Mkalvania Forest
  • Mkalvania

See Also Edit

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