Mapple Channels

The Mapple Channels are a group of 3 navigable channels located around the sim Mapple. They are Geographic Structures.

Geography Edit

There are 3 protected waterways that stretch from the South-East corner of Dire Strait. Two of them allow a faster and better access to Blake Sea. They stretch through 6 water sims. Two of the sims, Mapple and Heckendor, are entirely Protected Land and completely covered by water. The other 4 only have sharp protected waterways and host a limited surface of dryland. All 4 host many buildings, docks and even an airport.

Channels Edit

The largest of all is named simple as The Channel. It includes the sims Mapple and Heckendor as well as small parcels from nearby sims. A traveler along this way will have to go twice across sim corners. In order to do this, vehicles must move slow.

The second channel goes through Firespire and Empish Glee sims. It also has a connection to Mapple sim. It is a narrow passage that requires some sailing skills and is not made for large ships.

The third channel is very short and only goes through Bertaggia sim. It opens in Dire Strait at North and ends in South at sim border.

Navigation Edit

The channels have almost no importance for Nautilus Strait Project.

The first channel is used sometimes by ships and planes traveling from Dire Strait to Blake Sea. the second channel can be used by experimented sailors, while the third one has only importance for the local communities, as an access way.

Automated vehicles avoid using Mapple Channels because water to South East does not allow object entry. The only company that visits the area is SLGI Fleet that sends SLGI Ship Dawn along part of the second channel, to Mapple sim corner.

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