A294 is the transitory name for Makkah, a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 886-887/1302-1303, Grid Sector H13, Northern Ocean.

History Edit

The Muslim community of Second Life had not many holly places. A survey made by SLGI team in 2013 found a few mosques. the repeated survey in 2014 found only a few mosques, a replica of the Holly Kaaba inside an Indian temple and an institute for Islam World Domination. Something was strongly needed.

Construction of Makkah Microcontinent started in November 2014. The result was the construction of a replica of the most sacred place of Islam.

Construction is not finished.

Structure Edit

The microcontinent is made of 4 sims, forming a square.

Geography Edit

Land is flat and ground texture resembles sand. However, most of constructed land is covered with prims.

Makkah 4 is holding the holly Kaaba in its center. It is the most developed sim. Makkah 2 and 3 are places under construction. Makkah (1) is a place where you can learn about Islam and where are displayed many links.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Makkah
  • Makkah 2
  • Makkah 3
  • Makkah 4

See Also Edit

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