A244 is a temporary name given to Main Store Microcontinent, a Microcontinent detected at Coordinates 690-1216/692-1918, inside Grid Sector F12, Northern Ocean.

History Edit

This microcontinent was detected by SLGI team in June 2015. Previous researches found no visible evidence of a large grid structure so close to Eden.

Structure Edit

It is made of 7 sims, all connected. Nearly all parcels share the words main store in their names.

Geography Edit

The microcontinent is dominated by flat land. There are no hills. Open water exists, but is not made to resemble a tropical beach paradise.

There are a lot of roads (majority are like bazaar streets or like streets of the suburbs). Landscape is dominated by sub-urban buildings, but in some parts travelers will experience incredible nature landscapes.

A244 is a good destination not only for shopping, but mainly for those who enjoy traveling and taking pictures.

Land Status Edit

There are some parts that restrict scripts usage, but no ban lines or entity orbs have been detected.

Sim Examples Edit

  • Le Quartier Francais
  • Belita
  • Sunset Ambiance Island

See Also Edit

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